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Decent to read through, thank you for linking me that

Decent to read through, thank you for linking me that

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But just to improve – Within are abit deprecated software inside SGS, SGS2 and you can similiar designs. It can be used to manage modem straight from Pc (undecided in the event the Pc is truly privately talking to modem or to part of Android’s HALs, which is then talking to modem, to have eg. USB-UART multiplexer in the I9000 and you can S8500/S8530 is qualified to option cell phone MicroUSB vent anywhere between AP USB/UART and you can CP USB/UART. A portion of the handling user interface included in a lot more than habits are RPC through oneDRAM shared-thoughts urban area. Discover products such as for example “dpram”, “onedram”, “modemctl” within the kernel – speaking of crucial for proper functioning out of modem. Regardless if RIL is utilizing Within requests, it will send him or her due to RPC. AP-CP UART connection seems to be used only for very early booting phase (at least in the I9000 and you can S8500, haven’t analysed I9100 but assume that is similiar)

Ad1. There might be zero actual ability to keep in touch with modem myself on the SGS2 and at responses you’re going to get SS (Cutting-edge Mobile Subscriber Application – RTOS taking care of Qualcomm’s CP)

Ad4. This type of datasheets are really guarded secrets of suppliers. Merely unmarried, incomplete manuals drip off Qualcomm, not even useful. And AP-CP RPC method was exclusive from Samsung, they had AMSS source of Qualcomm and therefore are incorporating its own drivers indeed there.

Oh yes, I offered Qualcomm given that analogy, but is CP in the SGS2 Qualcomm? It was not QC device for the SGS1 but tbh it’s very most signed origin.

When you find yourself AP-CP low level protocol try opensource (discover it for the dpram/onedram/modemctl people inside kernel), expert of the level – amassed to the sec-RIL, is not. AP-CP process is different anywhere between I9000 and you will S8500 (standard design continues to be the exact same, only this has been rewriten so package items and you will formations try different), but if you want it – the audience is carrying out opensource RIL for S8000/S8500/S8530/S8600 device series, meant to work on Android os harbors for them – (department fresh-MochaIPC)


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Provided the modem is effective, there was nothing need certainly to look towards information on just how ril correspond with modem, but when the modem can not work because it should (During my circumstances they would not sign in toward just one particular mobile driver), an at the command which can perform a manufacturer reset of the modem will be of use

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That the At was deprecated is not any miracle, nevertheless reality (about according to particular firmware specialist) is the fact it will be a little while before the OEM’s may gone the newest (AT) reliance of their miracle and crappy exclusive firmware, that often should be backward compatible.

From whether or not I’m speaking with AP otherwise CP. Maybe you are true that I am speaking with AP because of HAL. At the very least regarding SGS2 take off diagram, UART-3 is in the AP, but connected to an amount-shifter about PMIC (nonetheless for a passing fancy SoC), that’s therefore attached to the BP UART-X. (I don’t have an idea as to the reasons this is accomplished thus.) Therefore nevertheless they take a look that the AT’s is actually reaching the destination, owing to particular abstraction coating, and this sung Motorists and never from a neighbor hood (phone) terminal shells.

The question is actually, what happens whenever we make an effort to use the Bada secret, to get in ServiceMode (SM) and enable the fresh corresponding BP accessibility? But the SM varies into the SGS and this option is maybe not obviously readily available. Yet not, you will find:

[ Change ] I came across they! Your selection of AP/BP union behavior when linking your own cell phone while the an effective USB buyer, to a computer servers, might be manually devote this new PhoneUtil (PU) eating plan. It set the fresh choices of cellular telephone when connecting they so you can a pc, to be able to get a hold of if you love it to do something because good Modem or PDA, towards the USB and you can/or UART vent. The newest PU selection is different from the latest ServiceMode menu.

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